Here’s what I’ve been reading over the past few days:


1. Investment Outlook

Bill Gross, Janis Capital Group


2. The economic consequences of a Donald Trump win would be severe

The Financial Times


3. Candidates, especially Donald Trump, hurting the economy even before the election

CNBC, Market Insider


4. The Values of Value Investing

Vitaliy Katsenelson, Contrarian Edge


5. U.S. economy running at half speed, GDP shows



6. German Manufacturing Data Point to Sluggish Economy

Wall Street Journal


7. Ray Dalio’s McDonald’s-Inspired Hedge Fund Is Crushing His Flagship Fund



8. Investing in Oil: Forget the Forecast

Real Money


9. Midyear 2016 Global Investment Outlook



10. St. Louis Fed’s Bullard Discusses U.S. Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Outlook

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


11. What tools does the Fed have left? Part 3: Helicopter money

Ben Bernanke, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve


12. ‘Capital Doesn’t Matter. Confidence Is What Matters’

American Banker interviews Christopher Whalen (Podcast)


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