As value investors, we face many of the same difficult investing challenges on our journeys to financial independence. But luckily, we can learn from each other’s experience and improve our investing decisions. This is why I thought of sharing the investing blogs that I follow the most.


When assessing my investment strategy or making investment decisions, I take a multi-disciplinary approach, so among the blogs I follow are private investors, bankers, investment advisors, and economists.


Here is my ever-evolving list of the best investing blogs in 2016. The list is in alphabetical order as it is difficult to rank the “greatness” of one blog over another.


Top 20 Investing Blogs for 2016

1. 10Q by David J. Phillips

The short articles that make up David’s blog tend to cover stocks listed on various exchanges and covering all different market caps. The content is enough to point towards market segments that a true 100% value investor may generally overlook to the detriment of their portfolio.


2. Aleph Blog by David Merkel

Follow on Twitter: @AlephBlog

David provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of market-related topics with an emphasis on identifying, understanding and managing investment risk.


3. A Wealth of Common Sense by Ben Carlson

Follow on Twitter: @awealthofcs

The blog covers personal finance as well as investing in various asset classes. Ben writes equally clearly and succinctly about stocks, real-estate, and social security.


4. Ben Bernanke by Ben Bernanke

The former Federal Reserve Chair needs no introduction. His articles frequently give deep insight on how economists and regulators view the financial markets and, of course, the economy.


5. Capitalist Exploits by Chris MacIntosh

Chris has a worldwide view of investing. He writes about all asset classes from equity to derivatives in his search for returns.


6. Contrarian Edge by Vitaliy Katsenelson

Follow on Twitter: @vitaliyk

Highly prolific in his opinions, Vitaliy is an investment professional with views that are very solidly in line with those of a value investor. Expect in-depth and easy to understand narrative style articles and audio interviews on a variety of issues facing value-side investors.


7.  Greenbackd by Tobias Carlisle

Follow on Twitter: @greenbackd

Think deep, deep value. Tobias posts include opinion pieces, analysis, book reviews, video, and articles encompassing a wide range of topics of interest to core value investors.


8. Marc to Market by Marc Chandler

Marc publishes articles on the global financial markets with a heavy dose of monetary policy and forex related articles.


9. Margin of Safety by Ray Galkowski

Follow on Twitter: @Intelinvestor

From his background as a portfolio manager, Ray publishes on issues which impact portfolio performance now, but has a long-term value investor’s perspective on investing. The site also has a handy resource link.


10. Market Folly

Follow on Twitter: @marketfolly

This blog posts information and links to well-known billionaire investors and their hedge funds. Expect SEC filings, reports, press releases etc.


11. Musings on Markets by Aswath Damodaran

The name of this blog says it all. Aswath is a Professor of Finance who dives into a smorgasbord of finance and current news related topics with penetrating analysis.


12. Odd Ball Stocks by Nate Tobik

Follow on Twitter: @oddballstocks

True to its name, Nate is not shy about looking into the netherlands of the markets for value. Nano and micro cap companies are put in focus with clear, logically laid out analysis.


13. Old School Value by Jae Jun

Follow on Twitter: @Jae_Jun

Jae’s blog will get your brain cells working on core valuation issues and techniques. The site includes calculators and tools useful in fundamental analysis.


14. Richard Christopher Whalen by Christopher Whalen

Follow on Twitter: @rcwhalen

I started following Christopher, who is an investment banker, just about the time of the financial meltdown. He’s on the inside of the financial industry and tells it like he sees it. His thought-provoking articles are published nationwide and he can be seen interviewed on CNBC and Bloomberg.


15. The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz

Follow on Twitter: @RitholtzWealth

A no nonsense easy to understand view of markets is what this blog is all about. Barry is a professional money manager and can occasionally be seen on Bloomberg. Expect short and snappy articles about pertinent issues of the day, usually written with a dash of humor.


16. The Brooklyn Investor

This blog has been around since about 2011 but I’ve only recently started following it. It publishes content that is geared towards true, dyed in the wool, long-term investors.


17. The Reformed Broker by Joshua M. Brown

Follow on Twitter: @reformedbroker

Joshua is a financial advisor who writes and tweets pretty much about any topic that is on his mind. Articles are generally concise, can include video, is easy to understand, always relevant and timely.


18. Value Investing News by Ken Faulkenberry

Ken posts short, to-the-point articles about items of general interest to value investors. If stock information is posted, it tends to lean more toward large and mega cap companies.


19. Value Investing World by Joe Koster

Follow on Twitter: @jtkoster

This blog mostly posts links and short articles from other sources and different disciplines. Joe’s content is biased towards value investing and mostly deals with strategic issues which affect portfolios.


20. Value Walk by Jacob Wolinsky

Follow on Twitter: @valuewalk

The content Value Walk covers the spectrum of market caps. It allows contributors to post articles, and has staff writers, which gives a wide variety of opinions.


What Do You Think?

Let’s face it, there are many fantastic investing related blogs. Finding the ones with information to help make the best investment decisions is a challenge. I hope I’ve somehow made your search a little easier. BUT I’m nowhere near to being perfect, so if you know of other insightful bloggers then please drop me a line.


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