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Value Investing

Eric Roberts


I’m ferocious about my financial independence.

I’m a former business owner, a veteran and a passionate investor. Now 48, I am comfortably invested and live without the stresses of a 9 to 5 job. The road I took to this financial achievement was littered with countless personal challenges and it continues to require ongoing discipline to maintain the gains of this accomplishment. The challenges are in no way insurmountable or unavoidable and I’m finding my own investing journey fascinating, enlightening and, above all, fun.

I developed MyAssetClass.com as a platform for like minded investors to share their experience, exchange ideas and share my own experience. Whether it’s how your value investing philosophy was developed, who are your mentors, why, for example, you’re still invested in European financials or a myriad of other questions I hope you will go into the details on this site. The goal is to make the decision process transparent and open to debate and discussion.

As a bit of a primer I will say that my investing style, developed over many years can be best described as strategic, patient and opportunistic. I seek out long term investments, can be very tactical and am very deliberate. I am a big picture investor, looking out over my lifetime and not the next few days, months or years. Somehow, I would describe myself as a value based investor but I’m not so much a value investor than I am an investor who buys value. I was a buyer after the 2001 dot com bubble burst, the 2009 financial crisis and after the energy price collapse in 2015.

I’ve found that investing is a very personal journey and as a result opinions on any given topic can have ardent advocates as well as fierce detractors. On whichever part of the spectrum you fall I hope you will give your opinion through posting comments, contacting us via email or writing and submitting your own articles as one of our contributing authors.

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