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Value Investing

Getting Better Investing Results for the Savvy Value Investor

MyAssetClass.com is an online value investor discussion forum to present your best and current experiences with value investing and where other investors also share their best investment ideas. The forum provides an invaluable tool that introduces the perspectives of other investors on the markets and allows for a fluid discussion and debate on the application of the broad tenets of value investing. As a result, MyAssetClass.com seeks to be a complementary resource which may help in minimizing investment risk while increasing portfolio returns.

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Fine-tuning Investment strategies

MyAssetClass.com strives to provide carefully curated, well informed and exclusive content covering opinions ranging from how to invest in stocks in advanced investment strategies to investment portfolio management. Whether your intention is finding the best way to invest money for the short term or planning for long term investing, it’s all about challenging assumptions and MyAssetClass.com aims to provide that spark which causes a pivot in your investing thought process leading you to greater successes as a value investor. Expect topical posts on a regular basis.


Top 20 Investing Blogs for 2017: Ultimate Reading for True Value Investors

  • There are many great value investing related blogs; we’ve put together a list of the top 20 “must read” for 2017.

Investing in Oil

  • $60 Crude Oil in the Near Future? Investors are taking long positions in the market anticipating a further rise in prices.

Investing in Gold

  • Demand for gold will continue to be strong for the medium term as it continues to be a viable inflationary hedge. Gold for now is unable to break the key resistance level of $1221, a break above which will turn more bullish till next resistance of $1250.
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Share Your Investment Experiences

From One Value Investor to Another

Investing in stocks is a deeply personal endeavor. Investing involves your wealth, retirement savings and, in many cases, your future financial independence. Your portfolio strategy takes into consideration your particular investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs. While investment strategies are personal and this investor discussion forum doesn’t give investment or financial advice there are some common tenets of value investing that can be better understood by the structured and focused discussions with other investors available on MyAssetClass.com.

The Discussion Forum for the Value Investor

MyAssetClass.com focuses on the broad principles of value investing, the site’s content comes from contributing authors and include value investors like yourself, investment professionals, economists, business executives and other market participants. MyAssetClass.com, as a value investor discussion forum, covers a wide range of topics from portfolio strategy, portfolio risk management to opinions on individual securities, but avoids high investment risk strategies (such as those involving penny stocks etc.) and there should be no expectations of getting stock tips or investment or financial advice. MyAssetClass.com is a platform for like minded investors to share their current investment experiences and exchange their best ideas on how to invest in stocks.


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